Tanning Info


We will provide the following for your tan:
- Cleansers to remove make up and deodorant
- Disposable thong
- Hair cap as well as hair ties
- Body Stickers if you prefer to see before and after results
- Barrier cream - applied to palms of hands and bottoms of feet to ensure no tan gets on
those dryer areas

How does airbrush tanning work?
The main ingredient in the Norvell tanning solution is dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA is a sugar based additive that darkens the skin by reacting with amino acids on the skins surface. DHA is absorbed through the first layer of skin and results in an all over golden tan. Your bodies chemistry does come into play when airbrush tanning. If you are someone who tans more easily in the sun you will be darker than someone who does not tan as easily. Our 2 to 9 color spectrum allows us to customize the tan accordingly.

How to prepare for an airbrush tan:
Thoroughly shower, shave, and exfoliate before tanning. It is ideal for skin to be bare so it is important to remove all makeup, lotions and deodorant (we do offer cleansers to remove deodorant and make up if necessary). We recommend shaving or exfoliating a few hours before your appointment in order for your pores to close before your tan. If you would like to wax before a tan we suggest waiting 24 hours after waxing to get a tan.

It is also important to remove all prior tan residues before your next appointment. Unlike the sun where it is ideal to build on the tan, airbrush tanning works best when all prior tan residues are removed.

What to wear during and after an airbrush tan:
It is up to the client as to what they prefer to wear during an airbrush tan. If you prefer tan lines then wear whatever gives you the desired tan lines you wish for, bathing suit, full back underwear, thong, bra, etc… If you prefer no tan lines then going naked is the best option. I understand the thought of nudity is alarming to some but we have 9 years of experience in the Sunless Airbrush Tanning business, so embrace your body and get ready to be a bronze beauty.
Please note: men must wear underwear or bathing suit.

After tanning clients are most comfortable wearing looser fitting clothing. Most women do not prefer to wear a bra so I recommend a little camisole and a loose fitting shirt and bottoms. Darker clothing is preferred by most due to the bronzer rubbing off on light clothing (bronzer washes out immediately with water). On the other hand, many men and women get an airbrush tan on their lunch breaks and return to work in their business suits. So loose clothing is only a recommendation not a necessity.

How to maintain an airbrush tan:
Do not shower, work out or make contact with water for at least 8 hours after a tan. For a longer lasting, darker tan we recommend waiting 10 to 12 hours to shower. Avoid using Dove or Dial products to maintain your tan. It is best to use mild, moisturizing liquid soaps when showering. Use shaving cream or hair conditioner when shaving. Avoid exfoliates such as salt, sugar, or beaded scrubs at all costs. Exfoliating will only speed up the fading process.

The most important thing you can do to maintain your tan is to MOISTURIZE! The dryer your skin is the quicker it will fade. Best time to moisturize is after your shower. As well, avoid staying in chlorinated pools for long periods of time and after showering or working out don't rub your skin dry, just pat or air dry. And again most importantly… MOISTURIZE! MOISTURIZE! MOISTURIZE! Check out some of our amazing moisturizes which will add some extra color and elongate the life of your tan.